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These are the Proud contributors to Saivaneri.org

Tell me, What is GOLD Life Member? or Platinum Founder Member?




 Mr. Uma Maheswaran, Neyveli. Rs.1000, via SBI, 22.08.2015
 Mr. Ganapathy Kalyan, Chennai. Rs.1000, via SBI, 24.08.2015
 Mr. Sivaraj, Chennai. Rs.1000, via SBI, 26.08.2015
 Mr. Kannadasan,Desikar, Chennai. Rs.1000, via SBI, 31.08.15
 Mr. S.Vinayagam,Desigar, Chennai. Rs.1000, via SBI, 9.9.15
 Mr. Essaki & Ayyappan, Panagudi & Trivandrum. Rs.1000, via SBI, 28.9.15
 Mr. Padmanabhan,Tirunelveli. Rs.1000, via SBI, 29.09.15
 Mr. Chockalingam, Gurgaon. Rs.1000, via SBI, 12.10.15
 Mrs.Bhooma Kandasamy, Chennai.  Rs.1000, via IMPS, 13.10.15
 Mr.Shanmugam, Chennai.  Rs.1000, via SBI, 15.10.15
 Mr.Nedumaran, Kumbakonam,  Rs.1000, via SBI, 26.10.15
 Mr.Karthik, Chennai,  Rs.1000, via SBI, 26.10.15
 Mr.Jothi Rama Lingam,Sri Villi Puthur  Rs.1000, via SBI, 16.11.15
 Mr.Karthick, Kumbakonam,  Rs.1000, via SBI, 24.11.15
 Ms.Shamini, Chennai,  Rs.1000, via SBI, 26.11.15
 Mr. R.Sivakumar, East Tambaram, Chennai,  Rs.1000, via SBI, 16.12.15


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