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via: Relations, Search Engine Results, Google Ads or other web ads, Email   votings: Very_Good

feedback: I very much pleased your programs.

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(singaravelan008@...) on Friday, September 17, 2010 at d:d:d

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votings: Excellent  feedback: iam in vandavasi.....tk. thiruvannamalai dt.

iam just finished m.sc,computer technology...i would like to join together...iam veerakodi vellalar...around

vandavasi,arani,lot of peoples here..u r really great..ur results about this community is geart..my contact number

I am Kulandai Anandham from US. I saw lot of changes in database, It is very good...

Nice to see this kinda stuff hardly. I found most of the legends names are missing from the popular 'pillais' (Especially Shri. Maruthanayagam pillai, Governer of Madura & Tinnevelly, though he converted to islam it would be nice to mention about him.The book 'Yusuf Khan- Rebel Commander' is available in chennai Devaneya paavanar central library. Many books available(some of them written by pillais) including 'Tamil ballads' which tells vellalans story. For good and all, nice if you could classify the pillai people chronological order and title them as IMMORTALS. The pillais contributed a lot to all the areas of 'Iyal-Isai-Natyam' and Administration. I wish to join hands with you, nice if you could send me your reply to my mail-id ('poobalank@rediffmail.com').
Jai hind !!

hi pasu sir,  this is murugan. how are u? my marriage work is under progress. ur saiva neri site is very good and my
heartiest congrats to u for maintaining such a good site. kmurugs_2000@....... from chennai

Dear Mr Pasupathi
It is really a good thing that you keep sending the updated list of varans. also the arrangement you have made for the members to directly access the database is very good. thank you -Palanivelu [suceela-vsnl...]

Hello, I came to know about our site thru my friend. The site has lot of  excellant informations. I tried to search Fast Varan. System displays the error in the page. Pls rectify. I tried to submit my sister's horoscope details. After submitting the
first page data, on clicking the I Agree to Pay Rs.100,  system displays all the data I entered. But there is no confirmation message. The users will be bit confused whether the data were updated in DB. Pls make necessary corrections.
Regards Sankar, Tuticorin Our Reply:- We DID it sir, thanks for info.

Please keep the details up to date. -R.Kunjithapatham, Chennai
Our Reply :-
We are doing it sir, We request the users to inform us their change of address, ph no, marital status etc.

Dear Sir I heard about your website saivaneri and that's really a great one and the first one i've heard for our community.
Mr. Natanam, Karkarthar -HOSUR


Dear Mr. Pasupathi!   I came across this website only today. And let me appreciate you for the same. I'll be sending the amount payable shortly by post to the address mentioned by you in the website.  kind regards, R.E. Subramaniam subbymathy@....

This is a great website for all the saiva pillais. Good amount of info. However, I would like it if you could add a recipes section containing our typical authentic recipes. Lots of young married girls would get benefited by it, especially who are living abroad. Thanks Janaki Kamal Natarajan janakikamal@..Via: Search Engine
Votings: Very Good

Dear Sir,
By GODS grace and all your wishes my Daughters marriage is fixed and the engagement is over. The marriage is on 12th september.The boys details once came in WWW.SAIVANERI.ORG Thank you for all informations received from you. I am now looking aliance for my son and I would be obliged if you can send details of BRIDES.I will send my contribution for this noble cause as done before. Thanking you.         N.Veerabahu, Chennai.

Dear Mr. Pasupathi,
My daughter after 18 months of service in Citi Bank group has left for Higher studies to USA. But it does not stop me from looking for suitable alliance even when the study is on. I may have to up date the Bio data.
Pl let me know as how to do it. Raman balu, Chennai

Dear Mr. Pasupathi,
 I was wondering as why there was no communication for over 10 weeks, despite the fact that mine is a life member entrolled at the early stage. Possibly  no information worth sending?. My daughter after 18 months of service in Citi Bank group has left for Higher studies to USA. But it does not stop me from looking for suitable alliance even when the study is on. I may have to up date the Bio data. Pl let me know as how to do it. Sri. Chidambaranathan is my mother's cousin and  we have kept him informed of the developments. Regards. D.Ramanathan.

Full Name: Meenakshi Sundaram Email: amsundar76@... Via: Relations Votings: Excellent
33Feedback: I am in US. I am looking for Bridegroom for my younger  sister. I want to pay for your service. But I couldn't. Thers is some problem in your payment service. Let me know, how can i pay. I can pay only through credit card.

Dear Sir,
Thank You for updating my daughter's profile in your website immediately on request through phone,after payment of Rs.200.There are corrections to be made in my daughter's profile: the spelling of her  name is A.KIRUTHIKA , her DOB is 14.08.1982., please add my name in the contact address provision. Thank you for your service.  Regards, T.Arulmozhi.

Dear Sir, Thanks for your mail dated 10 Sep 2002.  It's great 2 know that U R doing a great service to our community.
U R so well qualified academically and a webmaster too.  My hats off 2 U. I must address U as Sir and pse don't address me as Sir - my initials "ESP" stand for "Extraordinarily simple person". In actual, ESP Rajan stand for Eswaramoorthy Senthil Pandi Rajan.    I would like 2 know more about & Ur family. It's a pleasure & honour for me 2 B in touch with U.
Please feel free 2 speak. Bye.. ESP Rajan

> > > S.MuthukumaraswamyDear Sir,> I have telephoned your wife at ambalavanapuram.> Incidentally I am also from Vickramasingapuram. I> have already sent the donation D/D on 5/9 by on dot> courier . I request you to send the address details
> at the earliest & oblige.> thanks &regards> S.muthukumarasamy. smkswami@...

ADDRESS: INVOKER: http://saivaneri.freeservers.com/Request_Varan_Address.htm
TIME: Sunday, September 15, 2002 08:51:40 Full Name: sathya Email: sathya128@..
Details: I belong to saivapillai. I am residing in USA/LA Kindly let me know how to get varans address.I am looking alliance for sister working in USA Via:Votings: Very Good

Dear Sir...
We received all the details we had asked for. Thanks for your prompt response to our mail. We are receiving regular updates from you..
Thanks & Regards,
MeenakshiSundaram K

Dear sir,
> I have received your mail . I really thanks  for the immediate response. I dont have any words to  express your such a beautiful and speedy service. i  wii take your suggestion for using yahoo or  hotmail, till such please mail me in this mail ID. > is there any provision do you have for checking > horoscope for matching the couple, have you received  > my daughter's horoscope. > Any way i will gothrough the varan you have send it > . with in a day or two i will mail the status. i > If possile we will meet once , because our relatives > and my fore fathers are all social workers in > saivam.> Thanks &Regards.
> V.Hariharan

My name is Hariharan, I am a Whole sale Vegetable vender in Trivandrum. I very much like your site, so sending Rs.1000 as a contribution for your efforts. Please provide suitable varans list for my daughter. Thanks.

There is no wonder this is the best site for Saiva peru makkal. Wishing you all the best for your services. Sincerely, Pitchiah Ramaswamy. 

this is good site as i see for the first time,and i think you are doing a noble service to our community.. keep it up and improve the services if possible..From: "bala subramaniam" balapraba@..

Dear Sir, I saw your website. Your service is very good and highly appreciable
From: "NarayanaPillai M" <mnpillai_2001@..> -Nagercoil

Dear Mr Pasupathi Kumarappan,  Thank you for providing the required information.  I appreciate the services rendered by you. I'll send my contributions to you soon. Thanks, Manthiramoorthi. S

--- bytenchanter@.....wrote:> Votings: Very Good
> Feedback: Sir, > I came to know of your site from a friend of> mine. I opened it, expecting to see yet another,> typical website. But to be frank, I was frankly> impressed by the quality and range of the content on> offer here. My sincere congratulations on hosting > such a marvellous site! > > However, there is one small detail, which I'd like > to bring to your attention. It concerns the address > of the software companies, available for download.> All the Presently ats appear to be broken. If you could > attend to this particular thing, it would be a great> help to jobseekers who visit your portal.>> Cordially,  Sreejath                                     
Webmaster Comments:- We will fix the problem shortly!

I like your effort. Keep it up. I maintain a very simple web site at
http://www.geocities.com/nayanmars/where you can find lyrics for a number of thevaram songs as well as rudram, purusha suktham, etc. in Tamil and English. If you find these useful, please add Presently at from your sites. In the near future, I plan to add files containing meanings in English for a number of them.
Thanks.   Mani

Dear Sir,  Thank you very much for your kind reply. I got the details and I am happy. Please add my profile in your website. I will tell my relatives also to do so. Please forgive me the mistakes on my part. Let us cooperate and have many successful new years ahead. Thanking You, Yours, K.Gopalsamy

Vanakkam, Your site is very very good. I improved and change the URL for SMS  http://smsuk.org.uk officially SMS is  going to launch on this Sunday. Can I include your Presently at in SMS Presently at? Nanri
Hello Pasupathi. kanakasabai@..Was rather surprised to find a website on our community. Good job.

Kalakkita mamu!. your website was nice! thanks for my ECO-Care company advt. can you improve the font to verdana? also, can i have ecocare.com? how much expenses that may be? please write to me.. ingersal2000@...

> > >   i have gone through yr site which has undergone tremendous changes recently.i appriciate the efforts taken by u. "arumugam ganesan" <aruganesan@...>

To The organisers of saivaneri matrimonial Information web site
> I verymuch appreciate your efforts in creating a data base for the  prospective Grooms and Brides of our community. You are doing it for a noble cause. My best wishes. "raman balu" <raman_d_47@...>

If my memory serves me correct, you had mentioned that any new additions would be intimated to me automatically by virtue of me being a life member. However, I find that certain additions have been made and I have not received any intimation regarding the same. Could you please furnish the details of these additions (after serial number 147) to us so that we could initiate necessary action from our end if found suitable. This is not in any way finding fault with the service that you are providing to the community in general. We greatly appreciate the services being provided by you and take this oppurtunity to wish you and your family a very very happy pongal again. Regards, R Pechiappan
     Our Reply:- Promptly sent the details now!

Dear Sir,
I got married on Nov 26, 2001 and requset you to remove my name from the Manamagans list. We appreciate your great service and I am sure this is the best matrimonial site for Saiva community. Wishing you a very happpy new year. Regards, ramaswpi@...R. Pitchiah

INVOKER: http://www.saivaneri.org/Feedback2.htm TIME: Monday, December 17, 2001 23:05:30
Full Name: Sri S Email: sri@..... Via: Votings: Excellent
Feedback: The site would be of great help to parents of prospective brides and grooms. I myself got married in 1999, thanks to Mr Chidambaranathan's efforts. Thanks Sir - A wonderful effort. Kudos to all those involved. May Sri. Nellaiyappar shower His blessings on the website...
Can you avoid the spelling/grammar mistakes in the website. Could you change 'peoples' into 'people'?
                        -Sri.                Webmasters' Reply:- Thank You for pointing out. We have corrected it.

ADDRESS: INVOKER: http://www.saivaneri.org/Feedback2.htm
TIME: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 08:16:48 Full Name: senthilarumugam Email: senthilarumugam2001@...
Votings: Very Good  Status: I Will Contribute Soon!
Feedback: dear sirs,
well. pl keep it up for our community for those in far off places. nowadays getting details of varans are very difficult as everyone is busy with their busy schedules in their work. i personaly feel  ur effort is whole heartedly appreciated. thanks a LOT.

Dear Sir,
        I acknowledge receipt of your mail regarding  registration of my daughter's bio-data. Thank You very much!!I also appreciate the immediate steps taken by you in this regard.
Wishing You A Happy Diwali!!!  -yours faithfully R.Vinayakasundaram

dear sir,
VANAKKAM.   Seen ur mail just now.   Thaank u very much for all the details u sent. Hope i would sucessfully get suitable match to my daughter. If some more needed at later pl help me. I am very much impressed up on ur
service.  ON no loss or no profit motto. I know certainly well how difficult to maintain a web site. In order to that i have made some token contribution. I KINDLY requst not to give any publicity for that. once again with my thanks to reply and greeting. 

Dear Sri.Chidambaranathan,
Congrats and best wishes on your effort and community service.
May I put forward a humble suggestion. Your website just carries the name of the bride or groom and their minimal details, without any contact information. We would greatly appreciate, if it carries all their contact details inclusive of address, phone numbers.
I know your pain-staking effort, in establishing and maintaining this website. I extend my great appreciation and best wishes.
With regards.
Yours sincerely,

Happy Diwali. Site is very nice.  Like to suggest:- provide some fliter facilty so that we may shortlist the varans databse based on DOB r height r by working. do consider > i hope u understood what i means to say  do contact in case of info
> Thanx  s.chockalingam

I thank you very much for the free service rendered by you on net. I'm seeking alliance for my daughter I request you to send the communication address for the following bridegrooms so as to enable me to contact them
i've also registered my daughter's info.
Thank you very much!
sonachalam, Tirunelveli

MUTHUKRISHNAN KALYANI <muthu_krishnan_k@....> wrote: 
Subject: Hi da..
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:44:21 -0500
Hi da..
The Presently at u sent on saivaneri was okay. After going thro it only found that it was our dubai avodai uncle's brother pasupathi. It was really a nice effort from him and his wife but one ques who is that chidambaram? 
Just i had a peek in that site, i found so many literate girls were there in our caste also which is a very good sign. Ask him to keep his work. But why he and his wife choose the broker work?

Anyway they had put a good show. I think to improve their site u can give them some suggestions so that the site will be very good.

Nothing special.
Take care.
Bye for now