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எம் தமிழகத்தின் வைர, வைடூரியங்களை
இங்கு காண்பிப்பதில் பெருமை அடைகிறோம்

The Following Malaimalar paper news describes a small saiva pillai girl doing wonderful things on computer. She is daughter of Nandakumar - Shanmugapriya. Nandakumar sent us this photo and news. He is a Engineer at a 5 Star Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. She is a CHILD PRODIGY!.

Dr. Bhaskaran K. Pillai Given Medical Physics Award

Cartoonist: K. SHANKAR PILLAI (July 31, 1902 - Dec. 26, 1989)
Keshav Shankar Pillai, popularly known as SHANKAR, was India?s most celebrated cartoonist before and after India?s independence. http://www.childrensbooktrust.com/founder.htm

Alwarthirunagari Alwar Ramanujam Pillai Ramasamy

KM Vasudevan Pillais Campus:  Established in the year 1970, it now runs 32 institutions in 4 campus in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, with education beginning from the LKG to UG, PG courses.

Dishnet DSL, Aircel, Sterling, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank erstwhile Chief C.Sivasankaran
He is from Saiva Mudaliar community. From Mayiladuthurai, like MS.Udayamoorthy, he is also a Great NRI. He wants to be the FIRST TAMIL BILLIONAIRE!. We wish him all the Best!.

Film Director and a New Actor and famous Tamil actress Kushboo husband "SUNDAR.C" --film"ullatthai allittha"

Film Director "CHARAN"-film"ARU"

Film Producer and actor "Pyramid Natarajan"

In Fiji Islands, the first Lord Murukan Kovil built by a Pillai
The first Murukan temple was built in Fiji around 1861 on the banks of Nandi River by Tiru Ramasami Pillai of Singarandapuram village, Razipur Taluq, Salem District, Tamilnadu. After completing his five years as indentured labourer, he must have been driven by forces to undertake this task to build a temple for his ishta-devatā. http://murugan.org/research/

Kandhalaham Publishers: Owner, Sachidananthan Pillai
Wrote more than 20 books. Knows Tamil, Sinhalese, Japanese, Arabic to read and write. Took Important part in building Seashells  Tamil Temple in 1990. Served as U.N mission ambassador to 23 nations, for 7 years. read more at ...

BBC TV News Anchor Nisha Pillai
She has suave, verve. A modern Pillai woman. Although from Kerala, she is a beacon of hope for Indian women Intelligentsia to come up and achieve.   Read her story
View Nisha Pillai news live from BBC
An Irish Admirer of Nisha

what BBC says about her




Purveyor of Dalit Freedom, Social Unity, Charity: MC Maduraip Pillai of Kolar Gold Fields
Rich Gold Miner. Gold mines owner at Kolar Fields, near Bangalore.
But still he found time to express his humanity to the people of kolar fields. Read about this Great Human from a Dalit's point of view at keetru.com - dalit murasu




Dr. Paul Pillai, Univ of Otago http://www.otago.ac.nz/profiles/staff/paulpillai.html

from Vinodh Perumal Posted on Forum: 17 Apr 2006 08:45 pm
Thiru. S.Nallaperumal Engineer Tamil Scholar 1919 - 2006
He hails from Nagercoil graduated in Travancore. He was an industrial advisor of Tamilnadu(minister Madhavan's period) His project reports were implemented by Tamilnadu.
was promoted by him. He had a close association with SIR. C.P. RAMASWAMY.
He was an ardent lover of world litterature. he was an expert in comparative litterature.
he has written so many forwards to leading litrary scholars. he was an expert in KAMBARAMAYANAM. he has a title KAMBAN KAVINAYA CHELVER. Humour was in his blood.
knew French English Tamil and Malayalam. Travelled all over the world. Wrote on KAMBARAMAYANAM a comparative study with world litterature.
Born: 1919 Died: 05 Feb 2006.

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Savarirayan Yesudasan 1882-1969
[tamil version of St. Francis Xavier] 
சவரிராயன் ஏசுதாசன் :
Christian Missionary with Gandhi Ideals

-Christian Catholic Missionary influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. காந்தியவாதி.
-Ran a Catholic Christian Ashram in Tiruppathur, North Arcot Dt.
-1904 Joined Chennai Medical College
-1910 completed FRCS from Edinburgh, Scotland, joined as Govt Doctor in Srilanka
-1912 கிறிஸ்து குல ஆசிரமம் -Christian Ashramam and Hospital started at Tiruppattur
-Did social work for the Downtrodden and the low castes, esp. gave Free Medical and Educational facility to them with Missionary charities.
ஜவ்வாது மலை வாழ் மக்களிடம் காணப்பட்ட நரம்பு சிலந்தி நோய் ஒழிய பாடுபட்டார்.
-1928 went to Sabarmathi Ashram, to meet Gandhiji.
-1934, Feb 18, Gandhi came to Tiruppattur, stayed with Savarirayan
- Author of many Tamil Research Books :
எனது சுய சரிதை, தேச பக்தியும், தெய்வ பக்தியும், கிராம வாழ்வே தேச வாழ்வு,
கிறிஸ்து குல ஆசிரமம் (1942), ஆசிரம பாமாலை, இரணிய சிகிச்சை,
-In Asirama Paamaalai of 80 Hymns-Keerthanais, he adapted and sang the songs of Barathiyar, Thayumanavar, Vallalar
-1969 died peacefully at Tiruppattur.
-Grandson of Savarirayan Pillai, of Palayamkottai.
-Thatha Savariraya Pillai wrote daily notes in Palm leaves conveying 19 century Tamil Social, cultural, financial, caste problems of erstwhile Tamilnadu. Published in 3 volumes, each having 1000 pages.
நன்றி : சு. தியோடர் பாஸ்கரன், காலச்சுவடு - ஏப்ரல் 2006 also Read "The Hindu" article

Dr. Suresh Pillai, Art Historian - Writer - Researcher
- his books are 1.
Introduction to the Study of Temple Art (1976)
- Read The Hindu Article    Read Daily News Article

Syam S Pillai, Global IT Chief, Habib Bank Zurich (HBZ)
Read News on him

Kerala : Noted Kathakali artiste Inchakkadu Ramachandran Pillai.
Read a news

Satish K. Pillai, PhD, a staff research associate & post doctoral fellow at the University of California, Mutation in the Envelope Gene May Be..

Tamil Music : Tamil Isai : Haridwaramangalam AK Palanivel
His father Kumaravel Pillai was his first guru.

Kerala : K. Chandran Pillai, member of the Rajya Sabha and secretary-general of the FACT Employees' Association

Diarists of Tamilnadu : Pondicherry during French Rule
Guruvappa Pillai,  Ananda Ranga Pillai, Maria Das Pillai : Thanks Mumbai Mirror site
An article in Indian Literature, a Sahitya Akademi journal, on Tamilians who kept diaries and commented on politics, wars, deaths, marriages, natural calamities, society, culture and the economy in the 18th century in Pondicherry. The author of the article, S Jeyaseela Stephen, has translated some of these diaries and he gives us a number of interesting facts. He also mentions other writers of the period who were influenced by the French, among them Maria Das Pillai who knew Tamil, Sanskrit and French, and translated the Bhavagata Purana from Sanskrit to French in the 18th century.

Guruvappa Pillai is considered the first of these diarists. He travelled to France via England to get justice for his father who had been wrongly imprisoned. In France, he became a Christian in 1720 and his baptism took place in the palace of King Louis XV. The King himself was his godfather, and the convert?s name became Charles Philippe Gourouvapa. He was appointed head of the Indian subjects at Pondicherry when he returned in 1722. Guruvappa?s first cousin Ananda Ranga Pillai, and Ananda?s younger brother, also maintained diaries and the latter recorded events during the siege of Madras by the French in 1746. READ MORE

RmKV launches reversible silk sari    The Hindu speaks...

It can be worn in four ways and still look different each time 

CHENNAI: RmKV silks has launched a `reversible silk sari', which can be worn in four ways and which looks different whichever way it's worn. The price: Rs.68,000.

K. Sivakumar, Partner, Rm.K. Visvanatha Pillai and Sons, told reporters on Wednesday that the sari had four pallus and four matching borders with two body colours. More than 50 silk workers spent more than six months in weaving the sari. The weaving technique is new, and RmKV has applied for a patent.

Mail from Muthiah Pillai on latest Great Orators from our Pillai community
Popular Orators in Tamil literary field
1) Dr.Avvai Natarajan
2) Thiru.Suki Sivam Sun TV "இந்த நாள் இனிய நாள்" புகழ்  
3) Dr.So.Sathyaseelan
4) Dr.AArivoli
5) Perumpulavar.Paa.Namasivayam
6) Thiru.Nellai Kannan
7) Dr.R.Selvaganapathy
8) Dr.T.Gnanasundaram
9) Dr.Saratha Nambi Arooran
10) Dr.Punitha Ekambaram
11) Kavignar Ilanthevan
12) Dr.T.Rajagopalan
13) Marabin Maindan Muthiah - the emailer of this news

Popular modern writers
1. Vannadasan(Kalyanji)
2. Kalapriya
3. Naanjil Nadan
4. Vikramaadithyan

கல்வெட்டு ஆராய்ச்சியாளர் Archaelogist cum Cave Inscriptons Analyst [Epigrapist]
Mr. V. Kanakasabhai Pillai http://www.whatisindia.com/
Chola Period
Narayana-pillai  south_indian_inscriptions/volume_12/appendix_b.html
Pallava Kingdom Great Pillais

Diwan Bahadur L. D. Swamikannu Pillai?s research book Indian Ephemeris [An annual publication containing tables that give the positions of the celestial bodies throughout the year] Read more abt Swamikannu Book
2. Mr. Kanakasabhai Pillai volume_2/introduction.html
3. Mr. P. Sundaram Pillai  volume_2/no_75_76_pillar_at_uyyakkondan.html
4. Mr. P. Sundaram Pillai?s valuable article on the Age of Tirunanasambandar in the Madras Christian College Magazine, Vol. IX, pp. 344 and 511; and Ep. Ind. Vol. III, p. 280 f.

Kanchipuram Naina Pillai 4 members thanks to ORKUT pillai greats
Glittering rendition, emphasis on laya, a full bench of accompanists were the hallmarks of Kanchipuram C Subramanya Pillai's (later known as Naina Pillai) concerts. For one who didn't exhibit much interest in music as a youngster, Naina Pillai's achievement is indeed great. Evidently, music was in his blood
PALANI.M.SUBRAMANIA PILLAI thanks to ORKUT pillai greats 17 members

Welcome all percussion lovers to the community of the greatest mridangist that india has ever produced. A person who used to concentrate only in intricate laya patterns during the early stages of his career. But thanks to the redoutable chembai who first brought out the aesthetism which was within him. From the forties his way of accompaning totally changed. The new palani was an epitome of grace and his gumki is still unmatched by any mridangist till date and would put the best of tablists to just stop playing and wonder in amazement. Curse the cruel fate which snatched him in his fifties otherwise we would be fortunate enough to have more recordings of his especially for gnb & madurai mani iyer, both of whom brought out of him the best sarvalaghu patterns. The thani for g.n.b's concert under the auspicies of all india radio for brocheva is still raved by his rasikas and musicians. I invite each one of u to share more thoughts about this great percussionist.

Following text thanks to : www.whatisindia.com

His capital Sendamangalam is also stated in the same prasasti to have been protected by strong fortification.  He was served by a faithful band of warriors, chief among whom were Sola-Kon[74] alias Perumal-Pillai of Arasur, the latter?s younger brother Venadudaiyan[75] and Pillaiyar  Nilagangaraiyar. read more



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