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எம் தமிழகத்தின் வைர, வைடூரியங்களை
இங்கு காண்பிப்பதில் பெருமை அடைகிறோம்

Easwaran Pillai, Tea Estate Owner, Sri Lanka www.Eswaran.com

we all know TUTICORIN, Thiysayanvilai were once Sea Business flourished by Pillai people.

There were many Vellala Pillais prosperous in Colombo that time....

including Colombo return families of Panagudi, Thisayanvilai,  Kaakarai etc....

Kaakarai Muthia Pillai - whose ship went down in Suez Canal ....well known story....

So in that lines.... I want to introduce you this GREAT PILLAI

thanks for reading this... please send this to all Pillais...


Bala Pillai, Inventor/Producer/CEO
Founder/Producer, The Asia Pacific Internet Company (Since 1995)
Founder/Producer, www.Malaysia.Net , www.Tamil.Net , www.Sydney.Net Etc (Since 1995)

Pillai Endowments, Prizes, Scholarships in Annamalai University


HE is the first person to introduce Actor AjithKumar in his film "AMARAVATHY".
some of his films are "thalaivaasal","kaalaatpadai","oru kalluriyin kadhai".



Another achiever in Film Industry ACTRESS SRIPRIYA belongs to pillai commty from Kumbakonam.
Her fathers name is "Pakkirisamy pillai"

Mr.Ponnusamy pillai from Devakottai(THANJAVORE)had established HOTEL PONNUSAMY at CHENNAI long ago ...It is ment for its taste and hygenic foods(Non-Veg)
And it has been established abroad and many cities in tamil nadu,karnataka etc..

VPMM Educational Trust ,Virudhunagar Dist.
The college is located on the Madurai - Quilon Main Road (NH 208) 68 Kms from Madurai and 8 Kms from Srivilliputhur. The campus is spread over 100 acres of land in a calm, natural and serene atmosphere, much conducive for studies.

V.P.M.M. Engineering College For Women
is run by VPMM Educational Trust along with other institutions such as a Matriculation School and an Arts & Science College for Women. This Institution has been established during the academic year 2002-2003 .

Eagle Cargo
A great Forwarders and Shipping Agents...

K. N. Dandayuthapani Pillai : Music, Vocal
I consider him as my dear friend of high attainment," says a hand-written letter of appreciation, framed and preserved by the family. That was a praise from a stalwart, who was none other than the veteran musician Tiger Varadachariar, from the Kalakshetra in 1946, and the person whom he hailed was the illustrious musician-nattuvanar Natya Kalachakravarti, Padmasri K. N. Dandayudhapani Pillai.

Natyacharya Thiruvidaimarudur T. K. Mahalingam Pillai ( Nov 1 1917 ? Dec 6 2002).

Bharatha Vidwan Kuppiah Pillai  

nagaswara vidwan Ayyasami Pillai


Palani Subramania Pillai

Mannargudi Pakkiria Pillai, the renowned Konnakol vidwan  

Pudukottai Manpoondia Pillai http://carnatica.net
He underwent training under Tirugokarnam Mariappa Pillai, a tavil vidwan. The credit for making the Khanjira concert-worthy goes to him

K.P. Kittappa Pillai

Tamil Orator Pulavar Thirumathy Era Kanthimathi, Madurai data sent by A Shanmugam
She is a popular orator & பட்டிமன்ற பேச்சாளர்.
Delivered speeches all over Tamil Nadu, Bombay , Calcutta, Delhi and Bangalore Tamil sangams.
Visted Srilanka , Singapore, Malaysia , Kuwat , Dubai and Doha to deliver lectures.
Appeared in Doordarshan and Sun TV Pattimandrams.
Well known in Kamban kaZhagams கம்பன் கழகம் for her discourses.
Has been conferred with the following awards:
1. செந்தமிழ் விரலி - By Kundrakudi Adigalar
2. அவ்வை விருது - Thiruvaiaru Tamil Sangam
3. செந்தமிழ் திலகம் - By Madurai Thiruvalluar Kazhagam

Tamilnadu Govt 2007 Kalaimamani award for literary contribution
1. கலை மாமணி Vannadasan (alias called as) Kalyanji
2. கலை மாமணி Kalapriya
3. கலை மாமணி Dr.Selvaganapathy
4. கலை மாமணி Marabin Maindan Muthiah  

Kerala is a Vellala Nadu http://www.thrikodithanam.org/history.htm

bulletThrikodithanam was the capital of a prosperous kingdom called Nanrulainattu நன்ருளை நாட்டு ("Land of Farmers"). The kingdom covered an area from the north of Odanaadu to south of the present Kottayam town. The eastern boundary of this kingdom extended till Thiruvalvandoor. The temples of Thrikodithanam, Perunnayanallur (Perunna today) and Thiruvalvandoor were within this kingdom.
bulletTamil was the common spoken language. Royal decrees were in Tamil too. It was written in the rounded Vattezhutthu script.
bulletManipravalam, a mixture of Tamil and Sanskrit, was used by the temple priests.
bulletThey Spoke, wrote in Tamil. So they are basically Tamils settled in Kerala.
bulletMany other lower castes lived around the Vellala Nadu Nattar-parambu, Kaniyan-Parambu (Goldsmiths), Mannaru-kunnil, Valan-parambu, Kollan-parambu etc
bulletUnder the leadership of PALLIPURAM V. NARAYANA PILLAI, a society for popularizing science - Vigyaanodaya Samajam and the Laxmibai Library was established at Thrikodithanam in 1880.

கலைமாமணி கலாப்பிரியா Kalapriya Poet
Son of T.S.Kanthasamy Pillai of Idaikal, Tirunelveli District.
Msc Maths. Clerk in IOB, Kadayanallur.
Wife is Teacher, 1 daughter is Doctor.
Written more than 300 poems சுயம்வரம், ஞான பீடம், எட்டயபுரம், அனிச்சம், வெள்ளம், தீர்த்த யாத்திரை, வானம் புதுக்கல்
Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala Universities prescribed his poems for Phd, B.Ed students
see some of his poems at www.geocities.com/athens/academy
Visited Singapore, Malaysia for Literary events

Kalai Maamani Selva Ganapathy செல்வகணபதி
Tamil Vidhwan, State First & Gold Medalist in Tamil 1965
MA Tamil, B. Ed, Phd. Professor, HoD, Principal
Member of Senate & Academic council in various Universities
Member, Tamil Archanai Committee
சேக்கிழார் விருது, -by Sekkilar Research Centre, Chennai
 செழுஞ்சொல் வித்தகர் -by திருவாவடுதுறை ஆதீனம்

சைவ செங்கதிர், முத்தமிழ் அரசு,
சைவத் தமிழ் மணி, அருள் அருவி
செந்தமிழ் வாரிதி, - by Jaffna Nallai Aadheenam
சித்தர் இலக்கியச் செம்மல், -by Paambaatti Sithar Peetam
தமிழாகரர், - by Kundrakkudi Thiruvannamalai Aadheenam

சைவ ஞான கலாநிதி, -by London Murugan Temple
Books: தமிழ் வளர்க்கும் தர்மபுரம், கோரக்க சித்தர், மாரியம்மன் அருள் வரலாறு, கொளஞ்சியப்பர் அருள் வரலாறு, கம்பனில் பெண்ணியம், இடர் களையும் திருப்பதிகங்கள், சைவமும் தமிழும்
+ more than 100 research papers, articles, books
Released the Periyapuranam, Thiru Manthiram in CDs thru www.nayanmar.com www.periapuranam.com
Work in Progress : Cheif Editor, Saiva Encyclopedia - சைவ சமய கலை கழஞ்சியம் - 9 Volumes
Wife : Msc, B.Ed, Ex-Chairman Mayiladuthurai Municipality. 1 daughter, 1 son Software Engineer

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கலைமாமணி மரபின் மைந்தன் முத்தையா Marabin Maindhan Muthiah
- Noted Writer, Poet & Orator from Coimbatore
He has authored more than 34 books -mostly motivational books, Poems,
Translation of Jagathguru Jakki Vasudev Books, Biographies, Spiritual, Compilations, Film lyrics
General Secretary of வெற்றித் தமிழர் பேரவை - headed by Tamil Poet Vairamuthu
கவிப் பேரரசு வைரமுத்து

Worked as Advertising Professional in Advertising Agency
Editor of Namathu Nambikkai & Rasanai
Tamilnadu Govt conferred Kalai Maamani award for him in 2007



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Marudha Nayagam Pillai alias Muhammad Yusuf Khan (1725-1764) or [Marutha Nayagam]
மருத நாயகம் பிள்ளை - Freedom Fighter before Kattabomman 

Maruthanayagam (Marudhanayagam) Pillai, or Muhammad Yusuf Khan, was born in
Pannaiyur, Ramanad District. Commandant for the British East India Company troops.

Yusuf Khan - Rebel commandant biography by Samuel Charles Hill  @ Devaneya pavanar Central Library, Anna Salai,Chennai.1.

Read More about him here

MORE Ministers / Secretaries / Generals from Pillai clan
Thanapathi Pillai, Kattabomman?s secretary
Thandavarayan Pillai, Puli Thevar's
Damodar Pillai, Sivaganga Zamin's secretary

The Following are some more GREATs from WIKIPEDIA at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillai

bullet Sardar Vedaratnam Pillai on wikipedia
... and a patriotic family, Vedaratnam Pillai was deeply influenced by Mahatma ... Because of this Vedaratnam Pillai had to face the anger of the British ...
bullet Rao Bahadur N.Parameswaran Pillai
bullet Devasahayam Pillai
bullet R Balakrishna Pillai
bullet Rao Bahadur P.I.Chinnaswamy Pillai
bullet Tony B Pillai - Real Estate Whiz Kid in Northern Virginia
bullet E.L.Praveen Kirubagaran Pillai,Ma FoiTalented Organist
Mr. Pillai served as the. First Secretary General of India's National Human Rights Commission ... Mr. Pillai assisted the Commission in the discharge of its ...



Faces of India - A. Vedantam Pillai ... A. Vedantam Pillai. Since 1925 he is attending all the sessions of Indian National ... Mr. Pillai is a speaker of note. ...


Faces of India - A. K. Pillai ... Mr. Pillai and other leaders of the fight were imprisoned at the very ... Explore More: pillai ...


Guruguha.org- The Muttuswami Dikshitar Website ... Dhanammal and Tiruppamburam Natarajasundaram Pillai, the Nagaswaram maestro were ...


Charles Pillai, Charles Pillai movies, Charles Pillai pictures, Charles Pillai photos, Charles Pillai news, Charles Pillai biography


... them was one Arjunan Pillai. His son Perumal Pillai of Thekkekara had only one ... and Appavu Vakil Prof.Sundaram Pillai formed the "Saiva prakasa Sabha" ...


Reddiyarpatti Swamikal : A True Guru who lived and died as a Saint
ரெட்டியபட்டி சுவாமிகளின் சமாதிக் கோயில் நாகலாபுரத்தில் இருந்து பெருநாழிக்குச் செல்லும் சாலையில் ஒரு கிலோமீட்டர் தொலைவில் உள்ள ரெட்டியபட்டி என்னும் ஊரில் உள்ளது.... Read more...

Ravi Pillai : largest employer of Indian workers in Gulf

With more than 25,000 Indians on the rolls of Nasser S Al-Hajri Corporation, Mr Ravi Pillai, the MD and one of the founders of the company, has earned the distinction of being the largest employer of Indians in the Gulf. ?The company is engaged in construction jobs at oil and gas refineries and petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE.
Besides providing jobs for thousands of Indians in the Gulf, Mr Pillay in engaged in philanthropic activities in India and has set up the Upasana Hospital and Research Centre in Kerala, which gives free treatment to the poor.
 ?We employ people from all over India in various kinds of jobs. From engineers, doctors and safety personnel to welders, fabricators and fitters, we need people with all kinds and levels of skills,? Mr Pillai says. And though he?s lived in West Asia for 30 years, Mr Pillai is still a citizen of India.

Arcot Ramasamy Mudaliar & Arcot Laksmanasamy Mudaliar
Artilce by :
visu vel" <vismurvel@..>  Date:Sat, 15 Mar 2008 18:52:12 +0530
Two very Great Pillai who were international celebraties to be appended in the Great Pillai
Gallery. Both of them were twins and they were known by the name
Sir Arcot Lakshmanaswami Mudhaliar AL Mudhaliar-ALM and the other was
Sir Arcot Ramaswami Mudhaliar AR Mudhaliar-ARM both were born in 1887

ALM was CONTINUOUS LONG SERVING VICE CHANCELLOR OF UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS FOR A PERIOD OF 27 Years -  I don't know if such a thing is possible now or in the near future but even a difficult task on those years, a doctorate in medicine,

was awarded Sir title by British, Knight Bachelor by king George VI, Fellow of both Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and American College of Surgeons, a book written by him named Clinical Obstetrics was a great work way back in late 1930's
and still many works were based on this and still in use by few great persons on that field,

member of Indian delegation of WHO and sometimes Chairman of the Executive of that body, he got 15 Hon. Doctorates by various universities around the world.

All India Olympic Association Secretary for Volley Ball
- Volley Ball K.Murugan Pillai - went to Beijing Olympics.

Please write about more greats to us, we will add them here

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