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Vellala Pillai Gods, Festivals
Article by pasuG

Festival Name Place, Method of Festival
Avvayaramman Nonbu

Avvai Viratham
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All Saiva Vellalar Families celebrate this festval called avvai nonbu with a avvaiaramman kozhukkatai, a salt less kozhukkattai/dumpling.

Tuesdays, especially during the Tamil month of Adi, are considered to be the most auspicious for the worship of Avvai.

Kurathiyarai near Alagiapandipuram has a rock-cut shrine. The temple is Avvaiyaarammankoil and the image on the left side of Lord Vishnu is believed to be that of Avvai.

About 10 km. south of Kurathiyarai on the way from Bhuthapaandi to Aaralvaaimozhi is a hamlet called Avvaiyaarammankoil, which takes its name from the shrine dedicated to the poetess. The presiding deity Avvai is enshrined under an Amla tree and is hence known as Nelliyadi Avvai.

Still most of the saiva pillai families name their girl child as Avvai
Lord Ayyappan
Lord Ayyappan Lord Ayyappa is considered as a vellalar land owner's god. more here..

Still most of the vellala pillai families name their son as Aiyappan, Sastha