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Treatises on Thevaram - Thiruuvasagam

Article by Pasupathi K Pillai

The Renaissance of Hinduism / Saivism born out of a need to quell or overthrow the Buddhism / Jainism which became popular in the North India from Asoka / Harsha periods. The Buddhism reached its pinnacle in Art as evident in Nalanda University, the Gandhara school of Art.

The Buddhism, due to its ATHEISTIC attitudes and MISSIONARY zeal resembled like a CHRISTIAN crusade on the HINDU / SAIVA religion of INDIA.

Though the Buddhism conquered places mostly in the form of MOUNTAIN ARCHITECTURES from BAMIYAN Buddhas of the Afghanistan to the AJANTHA - ELLORA of Maharashtra to the MAMMALLA PURAM of the South India, It could not penetrate the heart of the INDIAN MASSES.

Chiselling on the ROCKs are EASY. Chiselling anything on the minds of people FOREVER is hard.

What went wrong? Why Buddhism and Jainism Failed in India? for all its COMMUNIST / MISSIONARY attitudes?

1. CASTE system

2. The TRUE depth of RELIGION as propounded by Saivism could not be found in Buddhism

3. The FAILURE of the Buddhism to recognize HOROSCOPE, ASTROLOGY as TRUE.

4. The ATHEISTIC and MONO THEISTIC approach to spirituality and its STRICT rules and regulations.

5. The KARMA system, which was just a COPY of the earlier existing SAIVA / HINDU notions

6. Over indulgence of negation of ASHA - DESIRE to attain MOKSHA, without which the WORLD will never run

7. Ignoring the Age Old Vedas, Puranas, Tantras and its propound thesis's, systems like the BHAGWAT GITA

8. Over importance given to the Monks and their Viharas, reducing Kings, Ministers as servitors to the Mutt.
[refer Mahakavi Subramanya Barathi's Introduction to Bhagwat Gita in Tamil]

During the era of King Asoka, the Magadh Desam used the Pali language which is a "vatta eluththu" - like Tamil. The Pali is a  mixture of Old Harappan Tamil and the Sanskrit. The Magadh Desam, Maurya Desam and the Brij desam already intermingled with the Aryans heavily, still the BLACK streak among the people was never dying [it is TRUE even today]

The slow ascendance of Brahmins / Aryans was on the rise, which was mostly disliked by the Kings / Kshatriyas.

The Buddha was also a Kshatriya, he was born as a Hindu. He took to YOGA under the Bodhi Tree to realize his SELF.

When he realised the NIRVANA, he also saw that the VARNA system CASTE system as TWISTED by the "invading" ARYANs by misusing already existing segregation of labour amidst the old Indians was WRONG and to be immediately removed.

So his Thesis born out of a natural urge of the lower caste Indians, to be FREE, to be FREE from the clutches of the caste system and its bad social life.

So many of the Non Brahmins understood this as the main "Good Aspect" of the Buddhism even though they could not accept many of the other thesis of Buddhism like the Atheistic policies, negation of multitude of Gods, negation of the already existing Pantheon of Hindu gods, negation of the Astrology etc.

So there was some "cultural adaptation" required to attain popularity, so the Buddhism which negated IDOL worship, took to IDOL worship in the form of CAVE ARTS on the life of Buddha, in the form of Cave sculptures of Buddha.

Some even went to say Buddha was a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Stories, Dramas, Art went to depict him as Bodhisattva.

So the essence of REAL BUDDHISM were already diluted, it got nowhere.

Amidst these times, the new age Protestants arrived in the form of Maha Vira, a BLACK ONE.

All the down trodden, low caste people went to this Samana Samayam.

In Thevaram Muthal Thirumurai, Pathiga En: 54, Padal : 10
Thirugyana Sambandar says thus:
கார் அமண் கலிங்கத் துவர் ஆடையர்
தேரர் சொல் அவை தேரன்மின்
[Kaar amaN Kalingath thuvar Aadaiyar
Therar sol avai theranmin]
don't listen to the words of the BLACK Samanar - [Jains] and the Saffron clad Buddhists

So it is clearly evident the Jains and the Buddhists were supporting the MBC / OBC / SC / ST of the erstwhile India, meanwhile the upper castes and Brahmins were afraid of their future under such new religion, so they fought of their turf with missionary zeal.

During such times, it was felt there is a pressing need to cleanse the Hinduism of its caste system, so the Sankaracharya -1 found inviting the lower castes to the temples, the slow acceptance of the lower castes into the Hindu fold began.

In fact the Hinduism itself fond and propagated by most of the MBCs OBCs SCs STs only.

See the examples:
Valmiki [a cobbler by caste],
Vedha Vyasar [his mother a Black low caste woman]
Lord Shiva himself [a black man well versed in Tantra]
Lord Krishna [a Yadava caste King]

The Meaning of GOLD lies in its 99.9% purity not in the 0.01% impurity
so the essence of Hinduism is not in its impurity. It is the acceptance of Greatness / Purity from whatever the source is, from whatever the person is.

Except the Thirugyana Sambandar all the Saivaite saints were less angry, more polite in their Tamil Hymns towards the Buddhists and the Jains.

Thirugyana Sambandar and Sundarar are from Brahmin caste, so they found it hard to resist their fascist tendencies, as it is the Saiva Samayam by which their life will become more comfortable, it is the Hinduism by which they can retain those hegemony.

So the Tamil words of Thirgynasambandar and Sundarar were so deploring against the Buddhists and Jains

But the words of Tirunavukkarasar  were more profound, more polite more likeable Tamil in the Saiva canons.

Sage Thirunavukkarasar was once a minister in Pandya Kingdom and he was also a Jain before he got himself reconverted to Saivism / Hinduism.

For any religion to survive it needs Miracles and Mysteries to be enacted by powerful saints.

In Bible the Lord Jesus walked in the water, gave lot of fishes from only one catch to many people, conquered the Satan in the hills, re-born and re-appeared to his disciples after 3 days of his death.

Likewise in Hinduism also, the Saints were able to do lot of miracles like the
1. VIPs Noi Theerthathu
2. Sollai Noi Theerthathu
3. Elumbai Pen Aakiyathu
4. Odam Seluthiyathu
5. Tamil Aettu Suvadi eriyamal kaaththathu
6. Odam seluthiyathu
7. Kal mithanthathu
8. Muthalai unda palakanai thirumba konarthathu
9. Pot Thaalam petrathu
10. Vasi theeera kas petrathu

and so many...
Do you think our forefather Tamil people are so idiots to believe all this miracles as mere magics? or mere works of fools?

What miracle the DK party chief did? EVR Periar did? other than asking for Rs.5 lakhs from Amma Jeyalalitha?

Only devotion can bring miracles. Only dedication can work wonders.

Now many people say, if I just visit Mata Amiritanand Mayee, all my Life's problems are vanished. Many say their problems solved.

Can anyone get such a relief by visiting the atheist chief
Ki. Viramani [Tamilina Thalapathy?] after visiting him, many people saw their Life's problem increased.

So this is the case of the Atheists, this is the state of their Organization.

தந்தையாரொடு தாய் இலர் தம்மையே

Moonram Thirmurai, Pathiga En 54, Thiruppasuram

In this stanza, TGS calls the Shiva as a man without father and mother. This is to be compared with Bible's Father - Son theory and the Kuran's God - Messiah theory.



கார் அமண்
கலிங்கத் துவர் ஆடையர்
மண்டைத் தேரர்
பொய்யர் குணமிலிகள்
மாசு மெய்யர், குண்டர்
குண்டிகை கையர்களோடு
சாக்கியர் கூட்டமும்
தூஇலா அமணர்
ஏத்திலா அமணர்
கங்குலார் அமண்கையர்
துட்டர் ஆம் அமணர்
எக்கர் ஆம் அமணர்
எத்தர் ஆம் அமணர்
பொய்யர் ஆம் அமணர்
புத்தரோடு அமணை வாதில் அழிவிக்கும்
வெஞ்சின அவுணர்
ஏதில் சமண் சாக்கியர்
அறிவு இல் சமணும், அலர் சாக்கியரும்
புத்தர் கடத்துவர் மொய்த்து உறி புல்கிய கையர்
["kadath thuvar moithu" means the Samanar who used the "Kaini" a tobacco to chew always at thier mouth, it is still used in Bihar - U.P.]

சாக்கியப் பட்டும் சமண் உரு ஆகி உடை ஒழிந்தும்
பாக்கியம் இன்றி இருதலைப் போகமும் பற்று விட்டார்

புத்தரும் சமணரும் புறன் உரைக்க [3/4/10]

புத்தர் சமண் கழுக்கையர்
பெற்ற மாசு பிறக்கும் சமணரும்
உற்ற துவர் தோயுரு இலாளரும்
குற்ற நெறியார் கொள்ளார் [1/23/10]
புத்தரோடு பொறி இல் சமணும் புறம் கூற நெறி நில்லா

ஆதர் அமணொடு சாக்கியர் [3/125/10]

வெஞ்சொல் தம்சொல் ஆக்கி நின்ற வேடம் இலாச் சமணும் தஞ்சம் இல்லாச் சாக்கியரும் தத்துவம் ஒன்று அறியார் [1/52/10]

உறிஞ்சு ஆய வாழ்க்கை அமண் உடையை போர்க்கும் இருஞ் சாக்கியர்கள் [2/47/10]

கஞ்சி மண்டையர் கையில் உண்கையர்கள்
வெஞ்சொல் மிண்டர் விரவிலர் என்பரால் [3/49/10]

நாண் அற்றார் நள்ளாமே விள்ளப் பெற்றோம் [6/98/10]


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