Britney Spears Boyfriend Now, Who is Paul Richard Soliz?

Britney Spears is a pop star famous for her illustrious music career as well as a famous personal life, is currently on the news for changes in her relationship. After the divorce she had of Sam Asghari, Spears has been linked to Paul Richard Soliz. Here’s an in-depth analysis of the person Paul Richard Soliz is and his relationship with Britney Spears.

Who is Paul Richard Soliz?

Paul Richard Soliz, aged 37, first was a member of Britney Spears the team in 2022. He was being tasked with overseeing housekeeping as well as maintenance at her California home. The job was not long-lasting however, when concerns about his past surfaced which led to his removal.

What Controversies Surround Soliz?

Soliz’s history has included a number of legal concerns. There are reports that suggest that he’s been charged for illegal carrying ammunition in his possession, child endangerment as well as driving with a non-existent driver’s license. These allegations reportedly caused his removal from Spears family members.

How Did Spears and Soliz Connect?

Despite the scandals and his dismissal from the professional world, Soliz has maintained a close relationship with Spears. He has been open about the admiration he has for Spears she is an “phenomenal woman” and a “good person.” The relationship between them appears to have morphed into a closer relationship after Spears breaking up with Asghari.

What Impact Has the Relationship Had on Spears?

Spears is reportedly in a new relationship during a tumultuous time for her. Recently, she spoke about an incident in which paramedics showed at her door which she claimed was illegal. She also has stated plans to move to Boston. This indicates a period of major personal changes for Spears which could be caused by her new romance.


Britney Spears’ romance has taken a new direction in her romance to Paul Richard Soliz. Although Soliz has a turbulent past but the connection between the two Spears seems to be very strong. As Spears goes through the new chapter, both fans and media are all watching how the relationship grows.

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