Euphoria Kendrick Lamar, What Does This Mean for Hip-Hop?

The hip-hop community has again been in awe of the rekindled conflict among Kendrick Lamar as well as Drake following the release of Drake’s”diss” track “Euphoria.” The track is a major increase in the ongoing battle which has brought in a number of important figures in the world of music. When we look into the specifics of this new development it becomes clear that fight lines are not only in the two artist’s spheres, but also across the hip-hop landscape in contemporary times.

What Triggered the Renewed Feud?

The seeds of this present conflict appear to have been planted by Drake’s collaboration in 2023 alongside J Cole, “First Person Shooter,” in which J Cole and the duo, along with Lamar were called as the “big three” of hip-hop. The seemingly innocent reference has led to a complete battle in the lyrical world which has seen Kendrick Lamar retaliating with ferocity with “Euphoria.” Lamar’s lyrics don’t just question Drake’s authenticity, they also challenge the cultural and commercial consequences of his music which Lamar claims is not real engagement with Black cultural issues.

What Does “Euphoria” Say?

The song “Euphoria,” Kendrick Lamar utilizes his trademark mix of sharp lyricism and cultural commentary to discuss Drake’s contribution to and his place in Black culture. Lamar questions, “how many more Black features ’til you finally feel that you’re Black enough?” This song is not just a challenge to Drake’s identity as a racial person, but charges him of making use of Black elements in his music in order to establish his status in the field. In addition, the line “Am I battlin’ ghost or AI?” directly refers to the long-running allegations about ghostwriting placed against Drake in questioning whether he is the real work.

How Have Others in the Industry Reacted?

The fight hasn’t remained exclusive the realm of Kendrick Lamar as well as Drake but has now expanded to include other well-known hip-hop stars. Notably, artists such as The Weeknd as well as Kanye West released songs that refer to the ongoing conflict, proving how widespread the effects of the conflict. Industry veterans like Rick Ross and Metro Boomin have posted on social media to discuss “Euphoria,” further highlighting its significance and the ripple effect it has caused.

What Does This Mean for Hip-Hop?

The current conflict that is brewing between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is not simply a personal dispute and is indicative of broader discussions within hip-hop regarding authenticity, representation of culture, and commercial successes. Because these two artists are a reflection of different perspectives on the genre and their differences, they are a catalyst for both artists and fans alike to think about what they think is important in hip-hop’s music and culture.


The conflict that rages between Kendrick Lamar and Drake that was triggered with the release of “Euphoria,” is a significant moment in hip-hop’s contemporary. It highlights the tense relationship between commercial success and authenticity and how these dynamic manifest in the artistic and public personas of renowned artists. As the issue continues to evolve it will be interesting to observe how it affects the narratives and structures within the hip-hop world.


What’s the song “Euphoria” about? 

“Euphoria” is a diss track by Kendrick Lamar, which is directed at Drake. The song addresses themes of authenticity, identity racial as well as representation of cultural values in hip-hop.

What is the reason Kendrick Lamar drop “Euphoria”?

Kendrick Lamar released “Euphoria” in response to Drake’s “First Person Shooter,” in which Drake along with J Cole called themselves the “big three” of hip-hop together with Lamar. The track challenges Drake’s authenticity as well as his cultural contributions.

What else could be part of this fight? 

Besides Kendrick Lamar and Drake Other artists such as The Weeknd, Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Metro Boomin are also involved in the feud via social media or through music.

Which are allegations of ghostwriting?

The accusations of ghostwriting against Drake have become an issue of contention, implying that his lyrics might be written by someone else and is a major source of criticism within the hip-hop community, which focuses on the authenticity of lyrical lyrics.

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