Kyrie Wife, Who is Marlene Wilkerson?

Marlene Wilkerson, who was born on the 18th of August 1993 located in Los Angeles, California, has created a distinct path through the world of entrepreneurship through social media. She is affectionately referred to as “Nene” by family and friends, the journey of Wilkerson from a student of business marketing in California State University, Dominguez Hills to a successful social media businessman and influencer is a testimony to her determination and creativity.

How Did Marlene Wilkerson Start Her Career?

Wilkerson’s first steps into professional world came by a series of challenges. When she earned her bachelor’s degree with a focus on business and marketing, she was faced with numerous rejections within the world of entertainment. The situation forced her to adopt a different method to pursue her professional career. While at the university, one of her professors was assigned an unusual task: to start an enterprise and give regular updates about the growth of the business. This was the trigger to her entry into the business world of social media entrepreneurs.

What Strategy Did Wilkerson Use to Grow Her Business?

Utilizing the effectiveness to market through social media, Wilkerson began by promoting and selling clothes. She made use of platforms such as Instagram as well as YouTube to show off her clothes and turn her social media profile into an “one-stop shop” for followers looking for her fashion. Her regular postings have not only increased her popularity but also helped to boost her growing business. The success eventually grew into other online ventures, like an YouTube channel, where she uploaded personal videos including tips on beauty, fashion and information about her fitness regimen.

How Did Marlene Wilkerson’s Personal Life Influence Her Career?

Wilkerson’s private life, specifically her relationships to NBA superstar Kyrie Irving has had an influential factor in her public appearance. The couple, which first came together in the year 2018, have maintained an air of secrecy about their relationship. But significant events such as their engagement 2019 and Wilkerson’s struggles during pregnancy were shared selectively to the general public via websites and YouTube. The personal stories have shaped her image as more than an entrepreneur, but also as an authentic person who has faced the challenges of life openly.

What Are Marlene Wilkerson’s Views on Pregnancy and Family?

Wilkerson has been open about her personal and inspiring experience of pregnancy. Her YouTube channel is where she has talked about the joy and strength of being pregnant, and has revealed her desire for having the largest family. Her openness about wanting “19 more kids” after her first child reveals her personal connection to motherhood and her dream of the family life.


Marlene Wilkerson’s story of an undergraduate student in business marketing who was rejected to an accomplished social media entrepreneur and a powerful associate of a famous NBA player is awe-inspiring. Her ability to turn obstacles into opportunities, and her open sharing of personal stories, makes her a captivating character in the digital world. As she continues to grow both professionally and personally Wilkerson’s story is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and personal strength.


What are you Marlene Wilkerson?

Marlene Wilkerson is an influencer on social media and entrepreneur, well-known for her lifestyle and fashion content on platforms such as Instagram as well as YouTube.

What was the way Marlene Wilkerson begin her career?

After facing rejections in the entertainment sector, Wilkerson leveraged a university project to begin her career in marketing via social media and eventually establishing her own business with the strategically using Instagram along with YouTube.

What’s Marlene Wilkerson famous by? 

Wilkerson is known for her unique approach to marketing through social media as well as her engagement to NBA superstar Kyrie Irving, as well as her open discussions on her private life, including her family and pregnancy aspirations.

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