Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth, Who is Oscar De La Hoya?

Oscar De La Hoya, well-known by the nickname “The Golden Boy,” is an ex-professional boxer who has not only won his fans’ hearts of fans but also many world titles across various weight classes. Born on February 4, 1973 at East Los Angeles, California De La Hoya came from a family rooted in the boxing. He exploded into fame in the early years, winning the nation’s Junior Olympics at just 15 and subsequently clinching the gold medal at his Olympics in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

What Made De La Hoya a Boxing Icon?

The boxing career of De La Hoya is characterized by his amazing skills that include speed as well as power and precision in the arena. The debut of his professional career was just as impressive as his amateur debut which began with a first round defeat in the month of December, 1992. Through his career, he racked up 11 world championships in six weight classes. His most famous fight came in 1996, when he beat Julio Cesar Chavez, a victory that dispelled critics and confirmed his skill in the sport.

What Is Oscar De La Hoya’s Net Worth

Oscar’s worth has been estimated to be between $200 million and $300 million. The wealth is the result of his illustrious life as a boxer professional in addition to the earnings he earns from various ventures in business and endorsements.

Beyond the Ring: What are De La Hoya’s Other Ventures?

Outside of the ring De La Hoya’s charm as well as attractive looks have led to a variety of profitable media and business ventures. He was host of “Boxeo de Oro,” an English-language boxing show on HBO as well as established a clothing line and participated in commercial deals with top brands such as PS3, Xbox 360, and PSP. The entrepreneurial flair of his personality was enhanced by a fervent commitment to charitable giving.

How Has De La Hoya Contributed to His Community?

The legacy left by Oscar’s mother, Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya has inspired him to contribute to the community in a significant way. In her honor, De La Hoya and his siblings created the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center with a contribution of $350,000. In addition, his charitable work included education, and De La Hoya gave $3.5 million to build the De La Hoya Animo Charter High School, which will help students who are not privileged.

Personal Life: Who Has Been Significant in De La Hoya’s Life?

Oscar’s personal life has been awash with some public moments, including his romance to Shanna Moakler. Miss USA 1995. They started dating in 1997 and welcomed their first child in 1999, however, they broke up in 2000, under the scrutiny of the media. Also, De La Hoya has been investing in real estate, including purchasing a mansion that was 11,500 square feet situated in Pasadena, California in 2001 and is currently estimated at $18 million.


Oscar de La Hoya’s impact goes beyond the boundaries of the boxing arena. His professional accomplishments, along to his business acumen as well as charitable efforts, paint the image of a multifaceted person who has used his successes to have a wider social impact. Through personal and professional changes and tribulations, De La Hoya remains an influential name in the world of sport and beyond.


Which weight class do Oscar De La Hoya compete in?

Oscar De La Hoya was a world champion in six weight classes, including super featherweight, lightweight lighter welterweight, light welterweight middleweight and light middleweight.

What was the number of fights De La Hoya win by knockout?

Oscar De La Hoya had 163 wins in his amateur bouts via knockout. His professional career was filled with knockout wins.

How much is the net worth of Oscar De La Hoya? 

As of recent estimates, Oscar de La Hoya’s net worth is about $200 million. This is amount accumulated via his career in boxing, as well as different business ventures.

Are Oscar De La Hoya involved in any charitable activity?

Yes, De La Hoya is heavily involved in charitable causes such as establishing an organization to treat cancer in the name of his mother, and giving substantial amounts of money to initiatives that educate underprivileged youngsters.

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