Paige Desorbo Age, Education, Height, Career, Achievements and More

Paige DeSorbo has made her mark in both entertainment and fashion circles with an impressive array of skills spanning acting, modeling, television hosting, social media influencing and entrepreneurship. As one of Bravo’s Summer House personalities she provides an inspiring example of ambition leading to success from small town New York all the way up to reality TV and fashion blogging – quite an extraordinary story of achievement indeed!

Paige DeSorbo was born November 6, 1992 in Loudonville, New York to Gary and Kimberly DeSorbo and spent her early education years attending Holy Names Academy before she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at The College of Saint Rose – something which she completed successfully in 2015.

How Did Paige DeSorbo Begin Her Career?

Paige’s career began in 2012 as co-host and blogger of TTYL Talk Show on public access television, where her primary responsibilities included overseeing social media management and creating engaging content for audiences. Later that same year she interned in Columbia Hospital’s Social Media Department before transitioning into fashion industry as an intern at Bollare.

Paige made an important step forward by joining ABC Television as Executive Assistant to Lincoln Square Production’s Vice President of Unscripted TV at Lincoln Square Productions in May 2016, giving her invaluable industry experience as well as building valuable contacts that could serve her well in her future endeavours.

What Makes Paige DeSorbo Popular on Summer House?

Paige is one of the stars of Summer House 2019, instantly winning fans over with her sharp wit and relatable character. Her ability to connect with viewers as well as stylish presence on-screen have contributed heavily to her rise to stardom; fans eagerly follow Paige on and off screen.

What Else Does Paige Do Outside Reality TV?

Paige has found success beyond reality television as both a fashion writer and blogger for Betches Media since March 2018. Her posts cover trends, celebrity gossip and personal style tips; her content appeals to a broad audience that appreciates her honest yet humorous take on fashion world topics. Furthermore, Paige co-hosts the podcast Giggly Squad along with Hannah Berner of Summer House fame; together they discuss various subjects in an approachable and lighthearted manner.

What Are Paige DeSorbo’s Personal Taste and Preferences?

Paige is 5 feet 6 inches with body measurements of 33-23-34. Her dark brown hair and eyes pair beautifully with her light skin tone, making her standout on Instagram where she frequently shares highlights from her life and style. Paige’s fashion sense can also be seen through television appearances as well as fashion blogs she maintains about fashion trends.

How Has Paige DeSorbo’s Net Worth Grown Over Time?

Paige’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the years. She started with an estimated worth of 1.1 million in 2021 before seeing it decline slightly to around one million by 2022 – before showing another surge between four and five million by 2023 due to her expanding role within entertainment as an actress, successful fashion blogging ventures, media influence and her influence across platforms like social media. This growth can be attributed to Paige expanding role in entertainment industry roles as well as her influence across various platforms such as fashion blogging.

What Future Projects Should We Expect from Paige DeSorbo?

As Paige continues her professional evolution, the future looks bright. From Summer House and fashion blogging, to podcasting and even venturing into other forms of media and entertainment – she looks set to expand her influence even further and provide fans and followers with engaging content, collaborations and perhaps even expansion into new realms of media and entertainment.

Paige DeSorbo’s journey from broadcast journalism graduate to multifaceted media personality is an inspiring one, becoming a role model within fashion and entertainment circles. She continues to impress viewers through her blend of professionalism, style and genuine relatability that continues to endear her to wide audiences, promising even further success for an already prolific career path.

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