Post Malone Wife, Career And Personal Life

Post Malone has quickly become one of the biggest stars in music with chart-topping hits and his unique vocal style, while also captivating audiences through significant developments in his personal life. From releasing his fourth studio album to fatherhood and an engagement, Post has lived an eventful life both onstage and off.

New Music Triumphs

Post Malone Delivers Twelve Carat Toothache On June 2022, Post Malone surprised fans everywhere by delivering his fourth studio effort, Twelve Carat Toothache. This album marked another significant step in his illustrious career with collaborations that reached #1 on charts worldwide and singles like “I Like You (A Happier Song)” featuring Doja Cat and “One Right Now” by The Weeknd which demonstrated Post’s versatility while appealing to a broad audience; these tracks also showcased his creativity as an artist willing to explore new territory through his music.

Post Malone Marks His Fatherhood

Alongside his professional achievements, Post Malone shared a more personal milestone: becoming a father. During an interview with Howard Stern, Post mentioned waking up late afternoon and kissing his baby girl immediately upon awakening – something which surprised Howard Stern no end! Post confirmed her birthdate (May 2022), yet has chosen to keep most details under wraps in order for his daughter to live an ordinary life away from celebrity scrutiny.

Mysterious Love

Jamie, Post’s child’s mother, remains something of an enigma. Reportedly dating since 2020, they’ve only ever made brief public appearances to hint at their closeness; nonetheless it’s clear their connection runs deep as evidenced by his engagement to Jamie as well as public praise of her as a mother during public discussions.

As remarkable and memorable as his musical career is, Post’s proposal of Jamie is equally memorable. On an episode of Call Her Daddy podcast, Post revealed the unconventional yet heartfelt moment he asked Jamie. Following a night of gambling in Las Vegas, an initially drunk proposal met with requests from Jamie that it be repeated once sober. A clear-headed Post asked once more the following morning and received an affirmative reply. This story highlights not only Post’s humanity and relatability but also showcases his spontaneity and deep affection for his partner.

Future Plans

Unfortunately, Post Malone and Jamie have yet to reveal any wedding plans publicly. Their engagement suggests a deep commitment; however, given Post’s propensity for keeping personal information private, fans may need to wait a bit longer for further details regarding their nuptials. It remains evident however that Post is content in his current life, balancing both his passion for music with being an engaged partner and father figure.


Post Malone’s journey through music, love and parenthood shows an artist who embraces growth and change. From his latest album to engagement and fatherhood are captivating chapters of a life filled with drama. Fans enjoy his melodies while getting an insight into someone dedicated to family happiness as he proves even global superstars can appreciate simple yet profound joys like love and family life.

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