Richard Moore Wife, Who Was Dickie Moore? Know

Richard Moore (better known by his stage name of Dickie Moore) held an unparalleled place in Hollywood history. Born September 12 in Los Angeles California and rising rapidly through Hollywood ranks from 18 months of age onward, Moore made his screen debut alongside John Barrymore in 1927’s “The Beloved Rogue”. His screen career would only continue from there on in.

What Made Dickie Moore Remarkable?

Dickie Moore enjoyed an eventful childhood as an accomplished child actor. His involvement in Our Gang series cemented this identity while significant films like Oliver Twist raised further recognition and left an indelible mark upon entertainment industry.

How Did Dickie Moore’s Career Develop?

Moore began acting early, in silent films. Following success with child roles he transitioned into adult roles gradually as he aged. While still acting sporadically and pursing other interests (managing public relations firm etc), ultimately transitioning away from full-time acting roles.

Dickie Moore: Who Were His Women Companions?

Dickie Moore led an eventful life both personally and professionally, which included three marriages throughout his lifetime. His first was with Pat Dempsey when he was only 23, giving rise to Kevin Moore before their union ultimately came to an end in 1954 with their divorce.

Moore took an extended hiatus from serious relationships in order to focus on his career and personal growth before marrying Eleanor Donhowe Fitzpatrick in 1959; details surrounding their wedding remain scarce due to this being such a private chapter in Moore’s life.

Jane Powell became Moore’s third and final spouse in 1988; like him she had an extensive background in entertainment as both an accomplished singer and actress. This marriage would continue up to his deathbed; symbolising lasting companionship towards its end.

What will Dickie Moore Leave Behind?

Dickie Moore left behind an incredible legacy in Hollywood. Not only was he part of Hollywood’s silent film era, he successfully transitioned from silent films to talkies — something not all actors of his era could achieve. Dickie’s early experiences provided an important foundation that informed both his acting career as well as subsequent business pursuits.

Moore made an invaluable contribution to understanding child stardom through his book Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (But Don’t Have Sex or Take the Car). This insightful text examines life as an actor as an intimate portrait drawn from personal and collective experience gathered throughout Hollywood and provided by child actors themselves. A treasure trove for understanding Hollywood as an arena for child performers of any sort!


Dickie Moore’s journey through Hollywood stands as an outstanding testament of resilience and adaptability. Beginning as an innocent child actor in silent films to an established businessman and author in later life, Moore experienced all sides of Hollywood as it changed over his lifetime; from child actor in silent movies through business ownership. Moore is not just remembered as one of its iconic figures – rather his story showcases our human experiences of growth, change and endurance despite professional and personal challenges alike – his contributions to cinema will always be celebrated; along with insightful reflections upon life spent under the spotlight that will ensure his legacy remains.

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