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Ross Kemp, best known for his role as Grant Mitchell on BBC soap opera EastEnders, has successfully transitioned from acting to investigative journalism, earning critical acclaim with his in-depth series “Ross Kemp on Gangs.” At 59, Kemp also serves as game show host on “Bridge of Lies.” Despite being well known, Ross leads a relatively private life in Berkshire with wife Renee O’Brien and their four children.

Family Dynamics

Ross began navigating family life once his career had become well-known. His first significant relationship in public view was journalist Rebekah Wade, whom he married after six years of dating – Rebekah was editor of The Sun at that time and their marriage received much media coverage before finally ending in 2009.

Ross eventually found love again with Renee O’Brien, an Australian-born woman living outside of the media spotlight. They married that year and have since built a life together that features strong commitments to maintaining privacy. Kemp, father to four, often speaks candidly about balancing his demanding career with family obligations while admitting the sacrifices this work entails, such as feeling guilty about leaving home for projects.

Second Chapter in Fatherhood

Ross began his parenting role before marrying Renee, when he welcomed his first child with makeup artist Nicole Coleman – a son. Once married to Renee, Ross expanded his family further – welcoming three more children over time: Leo in 2015 and twins Ava and Kitty in 2017 respectively.

As an older father, Ross has openly discussed how having children has completely altered his viewpoint and priorities; shifting his focus from personal ambitions to the welfare of his family. He regularly discusses in interviews how fatherhood has altered these priorities while providing him with an additional sense of fulfillment and purpose in life.

Ross Kemp’s personal revelations on fatherhood resonated deeply with many who face the difficulty of parenthood later in life. His experiences highlight an all too familiar narrative in modern parenting: the struggle to balance career goals and family responsibilities while maintaining humor and humility when doing both at once. Ross Kemp remains a figure of interest both professionally and personally – respected for both his professional achievements as well as dedication as a father figure.

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