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Rubio Rose has rapidly made her mark on both the music and fashion industries with her captivating appearance in some of the most iconic music videos of recent years, such as Migos’ 2017 hit “Bad & Boujee,” which amassed hundreds of millions of views and catapulted Rose into prominence. Rose’s role in this video showcased both her modeling capabilities as well as establishing herself for future appearances such as Raury’s “Cigarette Song,” where she further displayed her versatility and charisma.

Early Beginnings

Rubio Rose began her journey to fame from humble roots. Soon after graduating high school in 2015, she entered the world of entertainment – quickly capturing the attention of music video directors and photographers with her striking features and charismatic presence. This marked the beginning of her professional journey from high school graduate to sought-after model and video vixen.

Social Media Influence

Rubio Rose’s influence has expanded exponentially due to her career in entertainment, especially Instagram. Her account, @therubirose, now boasts over 5 million followers – evidence of its immense popularity and impact. On Instagram, Rubio not only shares glimpses into her professional life but also engages with fans by posting about daily activities, thoughts, and behind-the-scenes footage from shoots – building an ardent following who not only admire her work in entertainment but feel connected with her as an individual.

Personal Struggles

Rubio Rose has experienced her share of personal struggles during the course of her successful career, particularly those stemming from her relationship with rapper Playboi Carti, which garnered significant media coverage in 2017 following his arrest at LAX airport following a physical altercation with Rose. However, this incident revealed the personal difficulties Rubio has encountered as her fame has increased; yet she has navigated these obstacles successfully by remaining focused on both professional development and self-improvement.

Family Ties

Rubio Rose isn’t the only member of her family to gain prominence; Coral Kathlxxn has also made waves as a TikTok influencer. They both share close ties, often featuring in each other’s social media posts while supporting one another’s endeavors – an important reminder that personal ties and support systems can help navigate life under public scrutiny.

Collaborations and Connections

Rubio Rose’s network goes far beyond her solo efforts. She can often be found posing in pictures alongside notable musicians like Xavier Wulf to demonstrate her relationships in the music industry. These associations not only benefit her career, but they help her stay relevant with other influential figures within it – thus strengthening Rubio’s credibility within entertainment sector.


Rubio Rose’s journey from high school graduate to an influential figure in the entertainment industry is an inspiring tale of ambition, talent and resilience. Despite experiencing personal and professional obstacles along her journey, she has managed to carve out a niche for herself that continues to influence many through work and social media presence. It will be fascinating to observe her evolution throughout her career – no doubt new milestones will emerge within this ever-evolving landscape of music and fashion await her!

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