Sofia Vergara, Relationship, Wiki, & Bio!

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello who were once the epitome of romance in Hollywood they have declared the end of their seven-year marriage that had been a hit with viewers since their first meeting in their first dinner at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in 2014.

How Did Sofia and Joe Meet?

The story began when their an actor and friend of theirs Jesse Tyler Ferguson introduced them at a glamorous event, while Vergara was engaged to another. After the break-up, Manganiello wasted no time and asked Ferguson to call Vergara’s number which set the stage for an explosive Hollywood romance.

What Made Their Relationship Special?

Since their first encounter it was evident that Manganiello was in love. He made a joke about being seen admiring Vergara during the celebration which he described as a Zen-like concentration. Their bond was based by trust and respect since both of them were willing to put one others’ happiness over their own. It was a rare attribute that Manganiello loved deeply.

What Were the Key Moments in Their Relationship?

After their first encounter, Manganiello flew to New Orleans to meet for their first date. It coincided to Vergara shooting the movie Hot Pursuit. The relationship quickly developed from a casual relationship to sharing birthday celebrations and sharing moments. Manganiello proposed on the Christmas holiday in Hawaii and meticulously planned the wedding to ensure it was a significant event.

Where Did They Get Married?

The couple tied the knot in the year 2015 at the opulent Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. The wedding was lavish and featured Vergara dressed in a gorgeous dress by Zuhair Murad as well as Manganiello wearing an elegant black dress. It was a real fairy tale moment that showed their love and devotion to one another.

Did They Have Any Children Together?

Although Vergara has one child, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, from an earlier wedding, the couple didn’t have children together. Although Vergara and her husband were both open to this idea but it wasn’t something they planned to do and instead focused in their professional lives and merging their families.

What Led to Their Split?

The specifics of their separation are not public as both parties chose to deal with their separation using the utmost discretion and respect for one the other. The joint statement stressed respect for each other and the continued development of their relationship as they move to the next stage of their lives together.


The conclusion of Vergara and Manganiello’s wedding marks the end of a chapter which many of their fans had were hoping would continue to grow. Although they parted ways the story of their relationship remains an example of the fierce rapid-moving nature of famous relationships, characterized by grand actions and declarations to the public of affection. While they are moving forward and continue to cherish the bond they shared as well as the time they shared together.

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