Top 8 American Idol 2024, Who stole the show in the latest episode?

The episode of “American Idol“, Season 22, aired last night and was a nostalgic journey as the Top 10 contestants performed hits from their respective years. The eclectic mix of songs on the stage ranged from Blink-182’s pop punk anthem “All The Small Things”, to Wheatus’ alternative rock hit “Teenage Dirtbag”. The music chosen by each contestant was an insight into their own personal histories, as influenced by the music their parents may have played in their youth.

What role did Shania Twain play?

Shania Twain, the country music legend, was the guest mentor of the evening. She used her experience and insight into performing to help the young talent improve their vocals and stage presence. Twain was particularly important in helping contestants to connect emotionally with songs that they had not grown up with, but which still had a significant cultural impact.

How do the judges influence the competition?

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan were the iconic judges who continued to offer their expert opinions, mixing constructive criticism with motivational remarks. Although their feedback is crucial to shaping the next performances of the contestants, the real power lies with the home audience. Viewer votes determine who advances to the next round. This interactive element keeps viewers engaged and invested.

What is the prize?

The stakes are just as high in “American Idol”, as are the notes that the contestants sing. The winner of Season 22, in addition to earning the title of “American Idol” and the admiration from millions, will also earn a significant reward. Newsweek reports that the winner will receive $125,000 at first, and an additional $125,000 after the completion of the debut album. This totals $250,000. They will also be awarded a recording deal with Hollywood Records/19 Recordings. This is the first step in a promising music career.

What and when to watch?

Students can get special discounts on Hulu’s ad supported plan. A version without ads is available for $17.99 per month.


The 22nd season of “American Idol”, with its blend of new talent and music legends, continues to captivate. The contestants are mentored and judged in the industry by the biggest names. They compete not only for a large cash prize, but also to make a lasting mark on the music business. This is a captivating watch for those who love music and inspiring stories about artistic pursuit.

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