Who Went Home on American Idol, Who made it to the Top 7?

The episode of “American Idol,” which aired last night, was not just a showcase of vocal prowess by the contestants but also a roller coaster of emotions that paid homage to Mandisa. She was a beloved former alumnus of the show. The evening was centered around the Judges’ Song Contest where Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie chose songs that the Top 8 contestants would perform. The night was filled with emotions, outstanding performances, and an emotional tribute that touched both the audience in person and those watching at home.

What was the Judges’ Song Contest about?

The Judges’ Song Contest adds a new twist to the format of “American Idol”, whereby the three judges –Luke Katy and Lionel — choose songs anonymously that the contestants will perform. This test is designed to test the Top 8 contestants on their versatility and adaptability to different musical styles. Katy Perry was the winner of the musical challenge last night. Most contestants chose to sing the songs that Katy Perry selected. It was not just a way to brag, but it also showed her understanding of contestants and their musical abilities.

How Was Mandisa Honored?

In a touching segment, “American Idol”, paid tribute to Mandisa. She was an inspirational contestant who competed in the 2005 season and passed away recently on April 18. Mary Mary performed “Shackles”, a song that was dedicated to Mandisa. She is known for her powerful voice and vibrant spirit. Colton Dixon and Danny Gokey, former Idols, returned to the stage in honor of their friend, with a spirited rendition that was both celebratory and moving.

Who made it to the Top 7?

As America voted for the top 6 contestants, the intensity of the competition became palpable. Abi Carter made it through, along with Julia Gagnon and Jack Blocker. Will Moseley was originally left out but was then saved by the judges. He rounded out the Top 7 in a dramatic turn of events. The judges made this decision based on the recent performance of Will Moseley, who Luke Bryan praised as having the ability to “pull out the air” from the room with subtle nuances in his voice.

What were the reactions of the judges?

The performances were moving to the judges. Luke Bryan praised a contestant’s energetic and captivating performance, highlighting how it engaged the audience through its vitality and infamous “whirlybird”. Katy Perry was moved to tears when she saw a contestant perform. She felt that the performance showed the contestant’s emotional growth. She expressed her surprise and pride at the contestant’s growth since their first encounter, indicating a deep emotional investment in contestants’ journeys.


The “American Idol’ platform continues to serve as a way not only to showcase new talent, but also to celebrate the legacy of past alumni. The Judges’ Song Contest was a fun addition to the competition. It tested the contestants’ abilities to adapt to new musical styles and handle unexpected challenges. The tribute to Mandisa brought home the impact and connection that music has on “American Idol”. The remaining contestants are setting high standards for themselves, and we will be excited to see them grow and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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