Wofai Ewa, How Did the Cole Family React?

The Cole family is a well-known, influential family of Victoria Island, Lagos, is now in the spotlight following an incident that has caused controversy involving their son Taiwo Olakitan Cole. In the past, Taiwo was reported to have attended an traditional wedding ceremony with comedian and actress Wofai Ewa, who was born in Ugep, Cross River State. The event caused major controversy because of the family’s overwhelming response, as well as the public’s rejection of the wedding.

How Did the Cole Family React?

An ancestor of the Cole family Kunle Cole made an article that went across the internet. In it, he said that his family is not aware of or consented to the union of Taiwo the couple and Wofai Ewa. The statement stressed that any claims made by that actress being part of the Cole family by the marriage were not valid due to the family’s position. The statement firmly denied the union, declaring that the family was not aware of any of the claims to their family lineage. It also recommended their circle of acquaintances, friends and the general public not to believe any announcements or documents that claimed that they were not.

What Was Wofai Ewa’s Response?

Contrary with the Cole family’s statements, Wofai Ewa expressed her joy over the union through social media. Her posts showed the joy and happiness she felt with her marriage status showing that she saw the wedding as an important moment in her life. She expressed her joy and appreciation for the support and messages of support and highlighted the emotional gap between her experiences as well as the Cole family’s reluctance to publicly acknowledge the union.

Why Would the Cole Family Disavow the Marriage?

Many factors can contribute to various factors that could have influenced the Cole family’s choice to renounce Taiwo’s wedding to Wofai Ewa. The expectations of family and culture can be a major factor particularly in families with prominent members in which preserving the family lineage and adhering to traditional values is a major factor. Family participation or consent in the process of marriage, particularly in those cultures that require parental consent in marriage decision-making, could be the main reason for the rejection of a couple. Furthermore the public image and social image often impact these family decisions as maintaining a certain reputation may be considered essential for the entire family.

What Are the Implications of This Public Dispute?

Publicity of the dispute is a matter of concern for many. First, it puts both Taiwo Cole as well as Wofai Ewa, in a difficult situation that could strain their personal lives, and potentially impacting their public image. In the case of the Cole family this could trigger being scrutinized by the media about their family’s dynamics and values. It also raises questions concerning the balance that exists between personal preferences and expectations of family members within high-profile families. This controversy may also ignite wider discussions on the concept of consent, marriage and modern-day relations in traditional societies.


The controversy surrounding Taiwo Cole’s wedding to Wofai Ewa is a complicated interaction between personal joy, family obligations as well as cultural expectations. The Cole family’s utter disapproval of the marriage demonstrates the important role that family participation and consent have in different communities, particularly in famous families. As the story develops it could serve as a reference point in discussions on contemporary marriage and traditional family values.

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